late afternoon and pale ....

lilac tinged clouds now blanket the sky. A beautiful sunny afternoon walk with Lola and the bluebells were carpeting the woodland floor , the perfume just so drinkable. Now home and golloshers put away, time to reflect and ponder the week ahead. Teapots hopefully fired and characters waiting to go in longing to be made ready for the world. In the meantime bags of treasures to peruse and requests to see collections found... a few photographs of beautiful lace and Victorian fabrics, old metal farm animals once loved  now limbs lost and paint chipped  willing to be loved once again. China pin cushions in the shape of cats and bunnies  curious objects to inspire and puzzle  over. Please enjoy and share these samples and treasures......

tea bag pot and stripey cloth

Victorian cloth and vintage brooches

 pin cushion cat and bunny

china dog and metal farm animals

 beautifulness !


  1. Loving the beautifulness.
    Jacqui x

  2. It's always so fun to see the treasures that you find. I would pick the Same things! Your descriptions of you walks make it feel like we are right there with you or certainly Wish that we were right there with you !:) Laura

    1. dear Laura
      thank you so much for the compliment i am delighted you feel you are walking with me !


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