dovegrey clouds.....

blanket this evening sky although it appears the sun is trying to filter through and the rain has gone away. Life is very hectic as  I gather everything together for a window display and exhibition at Cupola Art gallery Sheffield. A picket fence made, flag bunting at the ready, a lampshade chandalier to be gathered together  whilst Winter mountains have been replace by  Spring  quilted hills. celebrations are afoot as the Tour de France pedals into Yorkshire and hence the window will have a celebratory feel with champions cups on podiums , chickens evading sale, ducks and mice with wheels. Who the winner of the cup is , is yet to be decided but I thought I would share some bits and pieces with you first..

teapot with wheels

Spring hills with wheels 

the other one with wheels!

handstitched flag bunting


chickens and ducks gather on the table

 Spring hills gather together ready for packing


  1. I love the quirkyness (is that a word), of your work. It's a joy!
    Jacqui x

    1. Thank you Jacqui your comments are much appreciated.


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