the sun has set...

 the wisps of mauve clouds ridged as a wave drenched beach lie upon the blue sky. A day of stitch and touch, wool and palest blue leather stay with me as I type. I have a story to be told and the characters sit waiting clothes and adornments, objects hitherto stored now emerge to  take their place. A shelf or two ready to be painted, a lampshade cut in half, a plate  its cream underneath  becoming  central to the plot. I quickly trotted to the market knowing exactly what was required so once  tasks accomplished it was  to bury myself in the store of faded gems  and gather  stripes and spots ready for the skirt. the following images allude to bits  purchased , glimpses of frocks and rabbits needing ears, plates with luscious patterns to yummy to resist.... more to follow soon and all will become clear....


  1. Can't wait for all to be revealed !

    1. Jacqui I have to have it finished by 18th September so it wont be long ... my needle awaits!!!


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