a collared dove and pidgeon......

sit on the chimney top across the road busy preening getting ready for bed as the sun goes down.. It has been a glorious Autumn day with hints of orange and brown peeping through the last of the garden roses. Pink perfumed buds dot the borders, whilst other plants get ready for a winter sleep having done their glorious best. Its always sad to find the Summer heat has beat its last and the air has a chill bite when the sun goes behind a cloud. A Summer frock no longer warm enough, a cardi is required to keep the chill at bay. I have been busy working today creating the next story to unfold. A deadline looms and hence the pressure is on to get arms attached,  wheels on, so photographs can be taken. Today its all been about the found objects, creating the last hillock from an old meat serving dish then an edging of mosaic and now it stands drying until tomorrow when the grouting goes on...exciting as it is I am trying hard not to fiddle and poke and scrape at odd bits of tile cement...I cant wait to see the finished item tomorrow. However teapots are drying and mice sit patiently at the studio so glazing is the priority tomorrow morning. Before I sit on a comfy chair and rest a while after today's activities I thought you might enjoy a few more glimpses into work in progress!Take care not to judge too harshly as this is a sneaky peek whilst pins are in place, cement not yet dry and blue rabbit really isn't to impressed with being shown in such disarray!


  1. The pink rabbit looks as though she's taking a bow!

    1. She does doesnt she! Its because I took the photo looking down on her to avoid getting the rest of the room in the photo. She will be sitting on a shelf up high ......

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jacqui I will let her know and hopefully today or tomorrow she will have arms !


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