ginger days of beech and birch swiftly pass

..... and I have been remiss in keeping up to date with  the story so far! "Oh to be in England" and "Far below"  (see previous post) have been selected for exhibition  in the Contemporary Craft Exhibition at Unit Twelve I am thrilled and delighted and the rabbits are just cock a hoop ... just hope they control their enthusiasms and dont fall of the shelf! I have also received my brief for The Group Gathering project  Daphne's Glove and have been commencing research. Its a period now of notes, drawings reading and thought so sometimes it feels like not much gets done. Research is crucial though and leads to good foundations for a piece of work. To start with I was in London so went on a study day to The Victoria and Albert Museum. Interesting to look at all the  17th century gloves and the elaborate embroidery.  Then a week in Pembrokeshire  resting and walking allowed me time to make notes  collate ideas and  see if the story will work ( coming along nicely!). 
I listened to Dylan Thomas on the radio on the way down to the sea and sand and was totally immersed in the language and prose so this may feed into  Daphne's Glove ... This is my update so far  so watch this space and  follow the journey 

 a pearly queen

a squirrel in the making a winter scene

a sunset in Pembrokeshire and fitting end to this  page ....


  1. I'll definitely be watching so I can find out more about what 'Daphne's Glove' is all about.

    1. Hi Magpie well you can look up A Group Gathering and I think there is a blog about it although we have only just been given the brief so everyone has thinking caps on !


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