pale grey dawn....

arrives slowly this Winter day. I have been remiss at keeping  this blog up to date.Life has taken over with work and pots of paint , upholstery sewn,  food and life keeping schedules full and hectic. The festive season is soon to be here and all I can ponder is parcels paper and festive greenery. Baubles glisten awaiting the tree and a hint of excitment in the air. Rabbits are up and on display at Unit Twelve spending time away from home chuffed to bits at winning and award the sit smuggly on their canopied shelf. Sketchbook now needs thoughts and words readying itself for Daphne's Glove the group project for the New Year but wait I jump too far ahead a step back to today a walk round the lake  collect the eggs from the farm hunt for holly and ivy to deck the hall and back for mince pies and coffee!


  1. It's definitely a busy time of the year and there never seems to be enough hours in the day (of course that's true of the rest of the year as well!!). Bright Christmas wishes to you and yours - may it be happy, healthy and blessed.

  2. Thank you Magpie's Mumblings Merry Christmas to you to... our tree has still yet to be put up but that is tomorrow's joyous task when out come the vintage baubles and fairy lights...


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