Sunday, 15 February 2015

a late Sunday

afternoon and all is quiet in the road.
Dusk is slowly settling as the sun didn't come out today. A day for playing catch up with everyday chores of household duties but whilst the house is quiet and dinner in the oven I thought you might enjoy a bit of this and that ! The week ahead is busy with glazing and firings of kiln, noses to be turned gold. Snowdrops and catkins bob in the breeze and Spring is mostly surely not far away. April brings A Group Gathering and Daphne's Glove to be stitched, a story to unfold and tales to tell.
Mean while work sits in the studio drying and trying to keep warm, heating has to be turned up as characters need drying if they are to become all shiny !

Thursday, 12 February 2015

I have been away too long....

and I do apologise, but sometimes life and work just  take over and finding time to write seems to evade me. This is a catch up. Christmas came and was delightful,  I was fortunate to share the company of all my family for almost a week. The house was bustling with people and a small child and a dog and cat who refused to be left out of the entertainment!  Presents unwrapped and put away , I  now treasure some lovely memories. New Year bought snow and a very cold spell, followed swiftly by colds and coughs. As a maker with Gallery obligations work has still been undertaken however quiet times have found me sitting and recovering .  Work is in progress for Daphne's glove and kiln has been firing the story slowly unfolds and I cant wait to begin the stitching. Teapots are drying and cups and saucers  sit waiting to be glazed,  Summer is not to far off and work has to be ready for photographs and details. Lola is now waiting patiently by the door and I am hoping you will forgive me but we have to go over the hill , along the hedgerow, past the pond before coming home to work...its nice to be back and I will speak soon...