a late Sunday

afternoon and all is quiet in the road.
Dusk is slowly settling as the sun didn't come out today. A day for playing catch up with everyday chores of household duties but whilst the house is quiet and dinner in the oven I thought you might enjoy a bit of this and that ! The week ahead is busy with glazing and firings of kiln, noses to be turned gold. Snowdrops and catkins bob in the breeze and Spring is mostly surely not far away. April brings A Group Gathering and Daphne's Glove to be stitched, a story to unfold and tales to tell.
Mean while work sits in the studio drying and trying to keep warm, heating has to be turned up as characters need drying if they are to become all shiny !


  1. Gotta love that gold nose (ever so much better than the red ones we're getting here when we're outside in the cold!).

  2. a bit of bling just adds a flourish I think, it started as a trial to see and now I cant stop them they all want gold noses ..they are gold too a gold lustre that costs a fortune but worth it I think . maybe you could make a papier mache model of your nose and paint it gold for such cold days !!!! I think I am feeling frivolous because its monday !


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