Spring has arrived this....

Sunday morning the birds are fluttering and chasing one another in amongst the hedgerows, daffodils are beginning to burst forth and the blue sky is appearing from behind the grey curtains! A Sunday for gardening and enjoying birdsong, pale yellow primroses, cream Christmas roses. Boots are waiting by the back door and I cant wait to feel the chill wind in my hair and the warm sun occasionally  telling me Spring is here I will warm and cheer you as much as I can ! Tomorrow is a day for sewing and the project to take up my time is Daphne's glove  a rabbit has appeared to tell the tale she is just waiting her outfit which I confess to being quite excited about.  Photos of progress will be taken and I will share with you treasures found , stitches stitched wheels ready to be turned. Today a day of rest ( well resting the mind whilst I revel in the garden ) so I thought a quick catch up before I wrap myself up in scarf and boots  to say have a lovely Sunday wherever you are, maybe taking tea....


  1. Heard the first robin this morning, so spring is coming here too. We've actually even had a little bit of sunshine the past few days and the temperature has risen above zero for the first time in a couple of months. It's been such a long winter so all these little signs are spring are very welcome.

    1. Spring gladdens the heart, birds have been fluttering wings, singing and magpie's collecting twigs so with daffodils shinning yellow Spring is here. Jumpers are still on but the sun is appearing more often. Hope you soon enjoy the joy of Spring


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