night has closed in..

and all is quiet except for the occasional patter of feet from the mice !! A wee while has past since I last sat down to write and what news unfolds. Daphne's Glove has been packed away but will be on unveiled  twice this year. Roll Up Roll Up has also been carefully wrapped awaiting the magic of the camera to capture their performance photographs. A quiet time  and a time for ponderance and reflection. Dreaming of new adventures and enjoying a chance to draw breath and allow the imagination some space. Family events and moving homes takes priority and so this year will be another beginning ...and maybe a new story !


  1. Oh, moving - I so feel for you! It's not fun, for sure. It's good that we feel a sense of excitement about the new surroundings because otherwise the sheer drudgery of moving would be altogether depressing. Good luck!

  2. I'm with Magpie on this!! Could be exciting for you, but the hard work .....


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