autumn leaves falling ......

a lovely blue sky Sunday and time for gardening but before I put on wellies and disappear down the garden path a few pictures of past exploits !!! The exhibition at Form Gallery, Blaenavon was an exciting adventure into new developments and certain characters popped up to entertain and charm.
I have been revisiting these characters and discovered they may still have more to say, journeys to go on and adventures to be traveled. Firstly there is Lizzie and HMS Minifred. Ready to set sail across the briney ocean  with places to see and characters to meet. She first of all tried the boat out in the studio on dry land to ensure its sea worthiness as yet she has set sail so maybe this is something for the year ahead. Then of course Yeeha the donkey who has grand illusions of being a wild west pony ( hence the name!).  He has his cart all ready to travel and once having delivered the clock could also set out on a voyage of discovery ..only time will tell where they go and what they might see......

test drive on dry land

trying out for size in the studio

who is the go slow refering to !

alsorts of lovliness


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