stormy clouds loom on the horizon........

however the sun when it peeps out is warm. Swallows, swifts and house martins darted across the sky this morning, collecting bugs on the wing as they stock up before traveling south. My characters have traveled south to Shire Hall Gallery perhaps they too thought they were migrating to warmer climbs! One has certainly found a new home and will be  nicely tucked up in a lush green valley before too long. It will be sad to see her go however I know she is going to be much loved, maybe she will send me a postcard from time to time telling me of her various exploits. Before I go and find myself some lunch I thought you also might like to receive post or at least up dates of sewing and details of costumes ...

french textiles and scalloped edges add detail

buckets to collect berries from hedegrows and post

flying the flag


  1. all beautiful - lovely details x

  2. thank you so much gentlework I like your title and feel my characters would cope well with just such gentle work !

  3. Replies
    1. thank you so much I am delighted that you have read my blog and enjoy my work.


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