dusk is falling....

as I sit and write this missive a cup of red chai tea by my side. A day of Spring chills and golden daffodils bursting from green envelopes. Snowdrops give winter white carpets to the dark earth whilst primroses shimmer pale lemon yellow. This time of year is one of my favourite, the promise of things to come, days stretching longer and bird song filling the garden. Shelves are filling nicely in the studio and soon the kiln will be ready to be filled. A veritable gang of little characters gather in amongst the cups itching to get out. At this stage they are all so vulnerable and one knock could render a decapitation! The colours disappear as the clay drys out and everything looks a pale lifeless grey only time and heat will produce the final glow of pattern and colour. Then they look renewed and almost ready for the outside world just a stitch or two and a pocket will be the last preparations. A camera in hand today I thought you might relish seeing the world I live in, with woof to keep me company and various items filling every knock and cranny this is my studio.......

the second dog I ever made sits dreaming in the sunshine!

the most outrageous flower vase I ever did see!

a vase of silk flowers

birds and rabbits sit amongst the cups!

A teapot collage and various oddities  enhance the cupboard tops


  1. Karen, Elaine at 'Photography, writing and middle life' suggested I look at your blog. You seem to be surrounded by creativity. Great stuff.

  2. Dear Julia
    I am pleased you enjoyed my blog , thank you


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