Good morning everyone.....

Well I have not written anything for quite a while, very remiss of me.Life has just taken over and things get missed. Bonfire night already the leaves are falling to the ground and a misty hint of burnt orange cloaks the fields, woods and lanes. I love this time of year the excitment of Christmas not far away a time for fairy lights and warm crackling fires, the smell of pine mingled with cinnamon and cakes baking in the oven. What have I been up to ...well Daphne's Glove kept me busy and  has now finished until the next venue, so rabbit is safely packed away her dressed protected in layers of soft tissue. Roll Up, Roll Up came next and now a whole feast of entertainment is on show at Brindley Arts Centre Runcorn. Elephants and juggling mice gilded cages and golden birds  delight the audience. A time now of quiet whilst cups and saucers, tea plates and pots  are conjured from the  pale cream clay. Christmas orders  are waiting and  I must get on its nice to be back and I hope you enjoy seeing ellie's with hats and  rabbits with crowns....


  1. Hi (waving madly from Canada)! So glad to see a post from you and catch up on what you've been doing. Oh yeah - and seeing some of your 'family' is always a joy!

  2. Love the way you described this time of year, when days are grey and dull that is the way we need to see November. Loved the Elephant a lot. Great work all your figures. Pam in Norway


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