Thursday, 24 April 2014

a frothy clouded sky....

ideal for a potter down the windy path to a secret world beyond.  My little garden is a magical world  of paths and summer house with primroses, forget me nots and climbing clematis. A cottage I do not live in but my garden has a feel of an old secret garden with watering cans a plenty and allsorts of enamel bowls and buckets catching raindrops and sheltering a lonely frog or two. A beautiful dogwood tree is a perfusion of creamy loveliness and takes me to America from time to time. the path widens and you step inside to white china belfast sinks and wooden cupboards with painted shelves  storing a multitude of china and bits and bobs.  I thought today you may enjoy a walk down my garden and take a peek into all the things I keep around me. A veritable feast of colour and objects that make me smile and  provide my world with solace. Revel in the blue and polka dots , gaze at the menagerie of cups and teapots piled high, be dazzled by bright coloured pansies sitting pretty on the wall. These are my treasures that I have collected and lived with for a long time. Occasionally a new find just has to come and snuggle into a small gap making it part of the collection. Maybe you to will love the riot of colour and the oddness of it all ....I hope so!

and finally horses galloping Tally ho  follow swiftly by my tea pot !

Monday, 21 April 2014

late afternoon and pale ....

lilac tinged clouds now blanket the sky. A beautiful sunny afternoon walk with Lola and the bluebells were carpeting the woodland floor , the perfume just so drinkable. Now home and golloshers put away, time to reflect and ponder the week ahead. Teapots hopefully fired and characters waiting to go in longing to be made ready for the world. In the meantime bags of treasures to peruse and requests to see collections found... a few photographs of beautiful lace and Victorian fabrics, old metal farm animals once loved  now limbs lost and paint chipped  willing to be loved once again. China pin cushions in the shape of cats and bunnies  curious objects to inspire and puzzle  over. Please enjoy and share these samples and treasures......

tea bag pot and stripey cloth

Victorian cloth and vintage brooches

 pin cushion cat and bunny

china dog and metal farm animals

 beautifulness !

Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday morn , blue sky swallows and sunshine.....

and Spring is definately here to stay , daffodils are going over but primroses still bring delicate pale yellow glow to the day. A busy time of year with work to get ready for Summer Exhibitions, kilns to be fired with all sorts of characters and objects. Birds in boxes will be flying south to entertain and  hopefully  settle to nest somewhere new, jugs full to the brim with stories and  textiles brighten a shelf and hint at memories  of past happy days so before I go and glaze the little precocious shrews a few photos .......

Friday, 11 April 2014

Its late in the evening

and I feel I have neglected my story , however life has been very, very hectic. The studio is full to bursting as work comes to fruition for the Summer season. Shrews, rabbits and other creatures jostle for position amongst the teapots, jam pots and cups and saucers. Spring has arrived and everything in the garden is bursting forth and it feels like everything is happening all at once ! Collections of lovely fabric are waiting in bags and boxes for characters to appear and await their outfits, I have  a feeling of urgency to get characters fired with little gold nose to be able to dress and embellish and see them come to life. So as all is hanging in  the balance I shall find a collection of images to keep you entertained a mix of clay drying, stitch and detail  enjoy...

bird  drying and waiting patiently

characters  jostling for position !


over the hill and far away

Empire rabbit