Monday, 18 February 2013

trees are springing with pale yellow buds....

and all around the woodland where I walk Lola there is a haze of something about to happen. Today is beautiful a bit cold but brilliant blue sky and sunshine it is delightful . The birds were also sharing in the lovely day by singing their hearts out and fluttering flirtatiously around the canopy of the wood. I know its Monday but I have been busy sewing and tomorrow I will be too occupied to write to you all, so I thought you might enjoy a quick snippet of trees in progress. These photos show fabrics and sewing until eventually the canopy of the tree evolves. the base is still a work in progress so it will be a few days until complete.

fabrics laid out before stitching

almost there sewn and stitched

needle still at work

close up
so now its back to needle and thread to start on who next I so depends on who appeals and which fabrics I decide i would love to work with today. Keep watching and later this week who knows what will come out from the undergrowth or fly down from the tall branches

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I saw primroses today..................

Lola and I went for our constitutional this morning and the snow has all but gone, just pockets in hollow spaces lie white. The birds are singing with delight as Spring is definetly around the corner and as I wandered along   I came across a lovely bank with a small but delightful perfusion of pale yellow primroses. It was lovely to see such hints of Spring with lovely sunshine  however i want to soak up the Winter woodland as in there lies the story of my animals.
Last Tuesday was market day and I discovered the most lovely piece of furniture for my exhibition. Unfortunately I have no where to store it so had to leave behind. Since then a dear friend has come to the rescue and has offered storage facilities so I am going to go to town and hope it is still for sale. I did purchase some lovely textiles for my work and have duly taken some photos for you....

beautiful old leather gloves

these are so small

linen tea towels and luxury gloves

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

a sewing sort of day........

I was most concerned that some of you may not like the death of the magpie ,so resolved to add some new images today . I had such lovely comments yesterday about making you want to sew and being really inspired by my photographs that I was also inspired to keep you posted on owl number two. he is developing nicely and just really needs assembling so I laid out his collar badge and arms to show you before I attach them all to his ceramic body. I mentioned the kid gloves yesterday and so I have unpicked the side seam and cut it up to construct a collar. I have also attached bits to his arms,  I particularly liked the section with the makers name printed on it.....see what you think

leather collar and badge with a touch of magpie

reverse of collar

leather additions to arms
arms of owl, collar and badge

this is the front of the body with button detail

close up of stitched top of body

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

today as you may know is market day......


and as such is my day for unusual finds.It started on my walk first thing this morning, I saw a flash of black and white on the ground in the wood where I walk Lola. On closer inspection I discovered a magpie. Lola was promptly put on her lead otherwise I would have never seen the magpie again! I discovered a beautiful bird who had obviously died of natural causes. His body unblemished  I know to some you will find me odd but I bought him home. I have photographed him and admired his most wonderful feathers. I have looked and studied him with great respect for such a beautiful creature,but some of his iridescent feathers may be used in my work. Some may be squeamish but nature is harsh and practical. So I have treated with care and will bury with respect but will also hope to pay homage to such a fabulous bird .

white breasted magpie

gorgeous wing feathers
It always makes me so sad to see wild animals dead or killed by car on the roadside. I feel by bringing him home we can only marvel as his beauty. 
On a much lighter note I also went briefly to the market and even though the weather was so cold I found some lovely old fur collars. These will be cut up and added to various woodland creatures. I also bought the most lovely white kid leather gloves. The leather is so soft and shall be used for collars and cuffs also maybe ears for rabbits.

alsorts of fur collars

beautiful kid leather gloves
I hope I havent put anyone off but if you lived in a woodland anything would be used and recycled. My animals would scurry around utilising anything they found nothing going to waste. Hence I challenge myself to not be squeamish and to embrace the love of nature and its very use in my work..

Friday, 1 February 2013

back to sewing.....................

Back from a walk and its now lovely and sunny I am about to start sewing. Animals are progressing nicely so I thought I would share some images of work in progress. I have constructed the deers antlers out of wire and then stitched a dyed cashmere jumper to it, it reminds me of a deers antlers when they have a furry surface. He is quite proud of his antlers as they are quite large so nothing to a be ashamed of !! The base of the deer is upholstered and stuffed so very firm giving him plenty of support. I then cover it with old vintage scraps of fabric sewing into them, they almost evolve into costumes or certainly have elements of costume.  i then have to decide if they are having fur stoles , shrugs or scarves but it really depends on the rest of the figure. Occasionally darning occurs if holes appear, but that all adds to the richness of the figure. They are not meant to be perfectly dressed but almost  as if they have gathered scraps of fabric to clothe themselves occasionally having caught them on brambles whilst foraging in the woodland.



deers antlers

deers outfit taking shape

all fabrics in place and starting to stitch