Wednesday, 30 January 2013

early wednesday morning................

Lola is eagerly awaiting her first walk of the day so I have to be brief. The snow has finally all gone and I think as far as the birds are concerned Spring is definetly on its way. The pigeon landed in the wisteria this morning cooing his heart out , I hope he has a nest again this year. I noticed my tulips are coming out and its on a morning like this that you feel  a spot of gardening would be lovely, however work is beckoning too. This morning a deer needs his body sewing his antlers are all made  so he is one his way. That brings me to this mornings photographs , remember I mentioned Hendy's Homestore in Hastings,  well here are a couple more photos from that store, beautiful shop,,,,,


lovely antlers on wall

vintage rocking horse

felt slippers
I hope you enjoy this little bit of inspiration now I really must take Lola for a walk and whilst I walk I will daydream of deer and woods and birds singing .....

Monday, 28 January 2013

before work on monday....................

I am about to start on my duck but before I do I thought I'd share my latest animal family members little Weasal and small rabbit . Rabbit isn't quite finished but nearly there. I am really thriled as after taking Weasal to a meeting we are now all set for an exhibition at Shire Hall Gallery in Stafford in September. I know that seems a long way off but actually it isnt !!  I have to create more animals and develop their story  which is so exciting they will have the whole space to themselves I just hope they behave!! So without further ado here they are......

little weasal

small rabbit

small rabbit close up

small rabbit
 so now I am off to sort out duckie and have a cup of hot chocolate...yum

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

before I go for a walk..................

so its late afternoon and the sun is going down. I feel its going to be cold outside. The snow is glistening white and sparkly and  Lola is itching for a walk but its a bit soon . My mind has turned to up dating you on the latest news. While the sun shone I took some precarious photos in the garden. Precarious as my animals are not quite finished and ceramic tops are not attached to the bases which have wheels. I took a risk as these characters are ready for the cold , they have scarves, fur stoles and woolly muffs to keep them cosy. I am so excited as they are hopefully going to an exhibition at Shire Hall Gallery in the Autumn. I have been invited to exhibit in the Craft Space of the Gallery. Its quite large and already my head is buzzing with ideas, a story as yet untold....

squirrel with fur stole

squirrel close up
a rather superior owl

and lastly I have almost finished my samples to go to Paris

not quite finished this one
ok I shall now get ready to go donning big boots and chunky scarf see you soon

Monday, 14 January 2013

a white Monday morning......

Today we woke to a light covering of snow. It was Lola's first experience of snow and she loved it, you can eat it, chase snow balls and generally have a great time! I took my camera so thought you might like to see Lola in the snow!

 As I had my camera out I also thought you might like to see some samples I have been working on. They are hopefully off to Paris next month but we shall see.....

sample one

sample two

sample three

detail sample two

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

a damp market day........................

who would have thought a damp January market day could be so exciting. I go to Newcastle-under-Lyme flea market on a Tuesday and sadly the number of stalls are dwindling in the economic climate but something interesting usually turns up. Today was no exception. A lovely lady called jean phoned to tell me she was bringing some fabric bits I might be interested in  so boots and jacket donned I set off. 
Firstly I went to to a jewellery chap who has the most luscious bits and pieces I just wish I was wealthier!! Anyway he had a large tin of military buttons, emblems and ribbon and I have a bit of a military thing at the moment so a purchase was made. I also discovered a silver pendant with and ivory insert of two love birds I couldn't resist. He apologised for not having cleaned it but that's also what attracted me to it the age of the object I hate things shiny and new.
So next came Jean 's bag of bits which held some delightful treasures wonderful old fabrics a wool camisole and some very faded trim.
On arriving home the postman had delivered my new book Karen Nicol's Embellished what a wonderful book it is just a feast of inspiration. With all my purchases spread at my feet I played and hence took photos for you to see ....

vintage wool camisole

lovely old lace and pendant
wool jumper

wool camisole and quilted sample
military badges

Sunday, 6 January 2013

just before I light the fire........

its now dark and I am just going to light the fire before crumpets for tea so I thought i would share a couple of more interesting photos with you. as i mentioned in my previous post we had a holiday before Christmas in Rye a really lovely old town. A trip to Hastings Old Town was full of interesting , inspirational places such as Hendy's Homestore (as now featured in Selvedge). The store window was magical,  in each bay window stood a doll's house surrounded by chunky Christmas trees with no decoration. It was like a scene from 'The Lion the witch and the wardrobe' ( a favourite book of mine). The store itself is a feast of loveliness, if you like utilitarian kitchen stuff, think old china sinks,  enamel ware, lace and wooden walls. Fires were burning in the fire places with the occasional puff of smoke that didn't get sucked up the chimney perfuming the room. Apples resting on the mantelpiece took me back to New England if you are ever down that way please seek this shop out it is a delight and the charming staff allow you to take photographs.....hence these tow images for your delight

some old photographs at Hendy's Homestore

old child's chair with slippers
aren't they wonderful ? Ok must go light the fire . I have re-made a jumper into a cardigan with the use of blanket stitch and additional detailing on a collar so i will photograph those for you next week. Next week will be busy I must get back to work and start on my first squirrel. they came out of the kiln before Christmas so are ready for their textiles ..I will keep you posted.
Night night...

Thursday, 3 January 2013

very early in the morning........

Lola is waiting very patiently for a walk but it is still a bit dark and I am relaxing after a busy family Christmas! We went away for a week in December to Rye on the south coast. I love December holidays its quiet , sometimes snowy and after a day visiting places you can come back to a cosy cottage and relax knowing you dont have to do any hoovering! Small towns also are a wonderful source of different Christmas presents so Christmas shopping is fun. I check out every charity shop on my travels and pick up all sorts of interesting things for friends. This year everyone had a kitsch tea towel referencing a place that they have or are living in. Anyway more of that later I shall just add a couple of lovely images of the shop in Old Town Hastings for you to peruse

 what a lovely parcel to open..

watch the story unfold........

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year


              Happy New year

A Victorian Christmas scene

This is a photo taken in Old Town Hastings. It was a beautiful shop full of Victorian styled theatre's , pop up books and angel bunting. the shop was closed so i took some photos to keep as inspiration , this morning my house is quiet all visitors gone so I thought I'd try and catch up with a bit of news