Sunday, 25 August 2013

the sun has gone behind a cloud.....

and although I should be out digging in the garden I though I would quickly share a finished rabbit. Today she gained her wheels and before you know it had rescued two of the magpie's feathers (see dead magpie blog!) and was already to rush off for a maiden flight. I captured her practicing flapping her arms, little does she know that unless I turn the handle on the wheels take off will definately be impeded! I will have to watch this one to make sure she turns up in Stafford on the 14th, experimentation and exploration is definately on her mind and the autumn winds will play havoc with the lack of flight experience!

busy flapping wings

not yet moving

handle on rear wheel needs turning!

Friday, 23 August 2013

very warm a heavy grey sky....

...........a very sleepy sort of day but I have been busy, busy, busy. Drilling, sewing,  a construction day but very enjoyable. At first I wasn't sure if it was going to work but sometimes you just have to follow your heart and surprise surprise a very productive happy day.
Friday always starts with a walk at a friends farm , a truly enchanting place full of cobbles and old red bricks everything a jumble. Old paraphanelia  stored and left higgledy, piggledy kittens clambering in amongst boxes and old wood,  always make me smile and bring a joyous peace to the start of the day. A stroll round a lake with fish jumping and lots of birds fills me with delight.A mode of transport needed finishing all the items assembled  a plan in my head doubts creep in but  soon dissipate as a vehicle starts to appear. Ideas flourish and all of a sudden problems solved. Before I go for a walk I thought you might like to see the production of all today's work...

rear view of duck's transport for postal services

advertising logo

side view with advertising

close up

front view

still more work and of course she will harness the help of a friendly reindeer to pull her along a bell I think is needed to announce her arrival and collect the post. Now I am off for a walk having made the pillow and coverlet for the camp in the woods I hope she visits before the rain comes.........

Thursday, 22 August 2013

cabbage white butterfly.....

flutters across the sky and i wonder at the beautiful summer morning. I walked Lola through the woods and heard young buzzards calling as they soared across the hay meadow. A sparrow hawk was climbing the same thermal and almost seemed to be  joining in a game of chase. I came across something that reminded me afresh what I have been trying to capture in my work. A child had been playing in the wood and left a camp she had built, not for her but as if for the animals she envisaged sitting by the fire warming their toes. Its stepping away from reality and getting in touch with something magical a sense of wonder, no dolls would have lived here it would have been enough to build the fire and leave a bucket dangling above. The  entrance and the wall of twigs to keep out the naughty ones , the weasals and stoats who sneak in to pinch the blackberry jam! I left a surprise for her a little bed made of twigs and fern with a little log as a headrest. She will go and marvel and wonder who had left a bed so tidy. Its that essence of something magical having taken place  a world within a world, tomorrow I shall go and add to the story leaving a pillow and quilt all made from old vintage fabrics nothing new built from scraps it will delight and thrill her to think maybe fairies have entered her world. So I came home and took some photos of  a very ladylike stoat who would have scolded the ones who stole the jam but then loved to eat it on hot buttered scones...

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

whilst waiting for paint to dry.........

I thought I'd share some of the latest characters all ready and waiting. They are  all gathered together on the table itching to get out on show, buttons polished medals on show there is a jostling for position as they are rather cramped . You can almost her the 'me first ' as they clammer together ! I am busy painting the furniture for the show, gathering together all the strands ready to display. A booklet is at the printers also postcards and I have been sourcing the packaging so that people who cant take home a character can at least take home a token. Small swatches of fabric will fill little glassiene bags inside the booklet  a textile persons dream of fabrics to touch, feel and smell.  I only use old , worn beautiful fabrics some of which can be dated back to Victorian times so  every scrap adds value and memories to each piece.

all gathered together

I just need wheels

I have the largest antlers !

Ticking striped rabbit

Monday, 12 August 2013

blackberries turning black........

in the hedgerows  I now know autumn is around the next bend. Full of oranges and rusts, golden coloured floating leaves enhance every footstep in the woods. Gradually everything is coming together each a new piece of the jigsaw slots together and the exhibition is taking shape. Five minutes snatched from a busy day allow me to photograph and share new characters and finished stitching. Today before I go out for my afternoon walk I thought you might like to see the singing birds and Empire animals. Singing birds feathers are wire and stitched layers of fabric arms poised ready to breathe life to a song that will carry on the wind.


vintage ceramics added in mosaic
poised ready to sing

little rabbit a flower dusting her nose
white fur trimmed empire bird
My little animals of the Empire stand proud and tall white fur keeping the chill wind out........................see who comes next by watching this space

Thursday, 8 August 2013

a magpie bobbing about on the chimney........

across the road, behind him dark blue grey clouds  roll in  and I realise I haven't kept you up to date with work. I am counting down the weeks to Shire Hall Gallery so every minute counts. I now have 31 large creatures  all over the house. They have been stitched and glued to every last bit now and are just waiting to show off. As temperature with our glorious summer stoats and badgers were not happy to be wrapped in woollen muffs and fur stoles. But dark nights are drawing in and a crisp feel to the morning air heralds a change in season. Blackberries ripen in the hedgerows and rabbits gather their baskets ready to harvest.

I have taken a few photos of my smaller Empire creatures although they were in the process of having outfits sewn and rabbit has not got his crown when I  exposed him to the viewfinder maybe he'll forgive me as he looks quite handsome !

Empire rabbit

but I have no crown!

two small Empire birds awaiting wheels

have you taken my best side she wondered